About Us

Motorica - is an innovative digital prosthetic company from Russia, Moscow. Our team is passionate about a combination of technologies, wearable devices, and individual approaches for rehabilitation of our clients.
Бионические протезы рук
Motoricans engineers give people reliable products approved by all high standard certifications and professionals of the prosthetic industry. We believe that our client - is a client for life, and together we are going to the digital era.

We believe that with the help of modern means of rehabilitation, it is possible not only to return the basic capabilities of the hand: to hold objects, to interact with the outside world - but to somehow exceed the capabilities of an ordinary person.

Why us?

High quality
In production, we use modern technologies of industrial 3D-printing with plastic and metal, engines of foreign manufacturers and our own developed electronics. Before and after prosthetics, professional prosthetists and rehabilitation doctors work with users.
Individual approach
Each person has a personal manager who helps at all stages of prosthetics. We prepare documents for prosthetics, work with government agencies, select financing and payment options.
We work only officially with all clients and give guarantees for our artificial limbs. If the denture breaks down within a year, then we undertake to deliver and repair it.
We form a community of users of high-tech rehabilitation tools. We have a private club, chat, bonuses and competitions from partners.